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Public Wifi

Public Wifi Solutions by Hem Infotech

User Growth

Rapid wifi users growth from Aug 2004 to Nov 2016

  • AUG 2014

  • MAR 2015

  • JUN 2015

  • DEC 2015

  • AUG 2016

  • NOV 2016

No. of Users

AUG 2014 – 500,000
MAR 2015 – 2,000,000
JUN 2015 – 3,000,000
DEC 2015 – 8,200,000
AUG 2016 – 14,600,000
NOV 2016 – 18,700,000

Aug 2014

500,000 Users

Mar 2015

2,000,000 Users

Jun 2015

3,000,000 Users

Dec 2015

8,200,000 Users

Aug 2016

14,600,000 Users

Nov 2016

18,700,000 Users

User Growth

Rapid wifi users growth from Aug 2004 to Nov 2016

You can have legendary service and awesome products but if you don’t build a relationship with your customers, you can easily lose them.



According to statistics, 72% of internet users are now active on social media. So you remember the old OTP system to use free wifi? Not that hassle anymore. Customers can log in by simply using their social media account! This gives you an amazing opportunity to connect with the customers while keeping them busy.

   Much easier compared to OTP system

   Grow your customer database

   Get a new medium of promotion

   Chance to popularize your social presence by offering location check-in or encouraging to like of follow your brand page


Public wifi is the future of marketing and automation. Let your customers enjoy the free wifi and spread the word! Send push messages based on different factors to your customers such as time, location, regularity of visits and more. Let us help you organize marketing campaign and help you measure its success.

   Easily connect with your customers through call or SMS

   Effortless calculation of ROI

   Send digital coupons embedded in a text

   Set up a redirect to your Facebook page and gain popularity


The easiest way of getting important information related to customer behavior is the analysis of audience data. This helps you in understanding critical points about your customers and business, such as what promotional strategy is working the best for you and where you can improve. Find out how many visitors you had today!

   Keep track of your customer’s behaviour

   Understand whether you should make new customers or focus on the existing

   Find various characteristics of your visitors like gender, age, their interests, etc.

   Know how many return visitors you had every day


We understand and deeply value the safety and security of your customer’s data. With our public wifi, you can rest assured about the data security of your visitors. We are fully in compliance with the cyber laws of the country and facilitate the availability of only age appropriate content. Restrictions on some websites (porn sites, illegal betting, etc.) can also be applied with our public wifi. Our ultramodern technology provides Z level security.

   We don’t sell their personal information

   Our public wifi shows entirely legal information

   Our latest technology facilitates excellent filtering of content

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